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Event marketing is a promotional strategy through which organizations can showcase all their organizational strategies among brands or within the organization by participating in a shared space.

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Field marketing

In the field marketing domain, it becomes possible for us to introduce our products in the best possible way through a trained team. It also provides us with the opportunity to gather comprehensive information and analyze it.

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POSM Rebranding

Rebranding, or brand restructuring, is a process aimed at reassessing and revitalizing a brand. Brands that are fading or struggling due to performance issues, market competition, or customer dissatisfaction use rebranding to regain their position and rejuvenate themselves.


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Our primary goal in point-of-sale advertising is to utilize creative ideas across various advertising tools. We specialize in designing, producing, and executing intelligent tools such as Wobbler, Divider, Shelf Talker, Shelf Display, Stand, Sirlene, and more. These enable effective promotion and introduction of services and products from different brands to their audience. In summary, we design and manufacture all types of advertising structures.

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